Hi, my name is Ramon van Schaik, and formally I go represented through my company Mountaineer.

I enjoy solving problems, usually by finding the simplest and most robust solution. However, sometimes a solution is not simple. In that case my, background in mathematics and my passion for programming (python, C# and others) ensure that I can still solve the problem. I've always been fascinated by two aspects of a solution. Firstly understanding the impact on people, because just a technical solution usually does not stand. Secondly ensuring the persistence of a solution, because the problem should remain solved after I have left.

Currently I'm full time employed as a Senior Data Analyst at VodafoneZiggo. In my spare time I'm chasing my childhood dream by creating a video game called Unsung Warriors, together with Mikel Fick. Hence I'm not available for work at the moment.

For my complete resume and the possiblity to contact me, please use my LinkedIn. For information about Unsung Warriors, please use the contact page.